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Hello again, thanks for coming to read our blog.  Last time we blogged, we talked about our summer intentions and our music choices; now that we are in the heat of summer we wanted to update you all on how everything is going.

We started off with a local competition called Orange Blossom Open to give us an opportunity to compete our programs before Skate Detroit (albeit only 1.5 weeks before our competition in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan).  This turned out to be a great opportunity for us to try out our twist in competition for the first time.  The anxious nerves on a new element definitely got the better of us there as we received a downgrade on our below average attempt, but nonetheless it was important for us to see how it felt in competition.

Last week we embarked on our journey to Skate Detroit and we had a great time participating in this awesome competition again this year.  We set out to debut our triple twist in Skate Detroit, and we were able to do so without any major problems.  Although our programs had their faults, we accomplished our goal of showing the judges our new element and our new programs as well.  Even though we didn’t get the scores we wanted, we still came away very happy with what we were able to do in Detroit.  Following the competition, US Figure Skating held a minicamp for the pairs in the International Selection Pool.  These activities allowed us to get valuable feedback from judges and technical specialists for our programs and elements this season.  Additionally, we got to have a lesson with jump technician Alex Ouriashev and spend time working with World-medalist Kyoko Ina.  Camp ended with a fun consistency drill where all the teams had to try and land their side by side jumps as many times in a row as possible.  Overall it was a great experience that allowed us to learn and hopefully grow.

Now that Skate Detroit is over, we are in Montreal for a week of training.  Our head coach Lyndon Johnston invited us to come with him as he works with the teams training in this city.  While we are here we will be working with many of the coaches and all of the teams coached by Bruno Marcotte, Richard Gauthier, and even Josee Picard (we will be training at two rinks).  This trip represents an unbelievable opportunity for us and hopefully we can learn and feed off of the energy of the skaters here and come to understand the training habits of some of the best skaters in the world.  We do not yet know of any international assignments, but we hope that our skating can take us to represent the US in international competition and that the improvements we have seen over the last little while (and improvements we are making in the near future) can help us achieve our goals this season.


Thank you very much for reading!


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  1. We loved cheering you on in Detroit! Enjoy Montreal! See you soon!
    ❤️ Bella and Cindy

  2. Your Colorado fans are so proud of you! Keep up the good work and good luck in your next competition!

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