Don’t Call it a Comeback

Bonjour! Ciao! Hallo!

What do these three words have in common? They all mean hello, and they are all spoken as an official language of Switzerland (ciao is actually hello in two of them!).

We know that you have not heard from us in awhile, and the reason for that was that we really did not have any new information to give! After taking the rest of last season off, we took a very lackadaisical attitude towards our skating; we were practicing occasionally, but nothing that came close to training, and we weren’t practicing anything very hard. However, we still had our goals in mind of skating for Switzerland and we wanted to be sure that was the route we were taking before we resumed any kind of serious training. After we had a show in the beginning of June at our rink, we decided to have a meeting to consider whether we were all in for this season; after all, there is no point in doing something half-way. So, we spoke with the Swiss federation (Swiss Ice Skating) and they were on board with having us join the team, and shortly after we finally got our release from US Figure Skating, and we decided that indeed we will train for this season as members of a brand new federation!

Coming back to training after months off is no easy task, but it has its advantages. Taking so much time off allowed our bodies to heal; while you can never fix arthritis completely, we are the healthiest we have been in our careers and it has allowed us to train like normal athletes! We always try to build our training slowly and intelligently, and this season has been no different so far. We have kept our programs from last season because we never got to compete them and we really love them so much. For a reminder, our short program is to Fields of Gold by Eva Cassidy, and our free skate is to Where’s My Love by SYML. Choreographing our own programs has really made expressing to the music so much easier; when it is choreographed in such a way that we hear it, the emotions from the program come from within, rather than someone else’s idea of where the emotions come from. Although we have only resumed training for a little over a month, we feel extremely satisfied with where we are in our training. This last weekend we competed at Orange Blossom Open, a local competition in Clearwater as a tune-up for our international season. Even with so little time having trained, we were able to compete our programs with almost everything in it (we did double jumps instead of triples)!

So, what’s next for us? Well, Cranberry Cup will be our first international competition representing Switzerland, and we are totally excited for it! Although we will not get world ranking points for this event, we do have the opportunity to earn technical minimum scores for the European and World Championships. After this we hope to do at least one more international competition before the Swiss Championships over Thanksgiving weekend (we won’t get to have turkey until we get back 🙁 ). After that, our goals are to compete at both the European Championships and World Championships this season, and we are confident that if we train well that we will get there! We know this is a really exciting season for a lot of skaters considering that Beijing is just around the corner, but for us it’s exciting as well because we have our first real opportunity to compete at the World Championships and debut our very own programs where we tell our own story.

The new stuff in our lives hasn’t stopped at skating, however. As for Josh, he’s started partnering girls at the rink that are looking to get into pair skating, and Jessica has increased her fleet of students at the same time. We are even more involved with the ice than ever before, and teaching has brought a whole new perspective into skating that helps us when we are on the ice practicing ourselves. Josh got a dog recently (Jessica’s dog is still just as loveable as ever) and also moved out last year right at the beginning of the pandemic, we’re both going places in life and it really seems like we’re growing together, both as skaters and people. This is a really exciting time in our lives and we’re so glad we have you all to share it with. We look forward to showing off our new stuff in Norwood at Cranberry Cup and we can’t wait to show you all what the future has in hold.

Thanks so much for reading,

Joshica 🙂