2022 Midseason Blog

Hello and welcome back to our blog!

We are right in the middle of our season and we wanted to update everyone on how things have been going for us.  We are very happy to announce that we have achieved the minimum technical scores in order to compete at both the World and European Championships this season for our short program and free skate!  While we have not yet been named to the team, we at least now have the ability to get named, and we are extremely excited!

We kicked off our season at Cranberry Cup in Boston and had an amazing time while we were there.  This competition was officially the shortest trip we have ever taken for a competition; we arrived there on a Friday, competed Saturday and Sunday, and left on Monday morning!  We were really happy with how we did in Boston, with no major errors between both programs.  Unfortunately, a minor error on the throw in the short program kept us from achieving our minimum technical score for the World Championships for that segment, but we did get the European Championships minimum scores.  The free skate in Boston went really well, we scored a new personal best even with double jumps!  We were really excited about our results at Cranberry Cup and achieving the minimum scores for the European Championships meant that we could also be officially named to the Swiss team.  Although we had not yet technically been named to the team, one of the coolest moments in Boston was seeing the Swiss flag next to our names and hearing them announce us as “representing Switzerland” for the first time; truly a moment we will always remember.

Our performance in Boston meant that we were eligible to compete at more international competitions this year, so we chose Autumn Classic International in Montreal, Canada for our next event.  Knowing that even a small error was too much for us to miss out on the minimum technical score for the World Championships, we knew we had to add in our side by side triple jumps for this event.  We really have done a great job building these programs, stamina-wise, so that we are able to do everything in the programs pretty easily, that’s why the lifts look easier than they ever have; because they are!  Although we were not able to add in the triple toes to the free skate yet, adding in the triple salchows to both programs would make a big difference, especially in the short program where we knew we needed it.  We skated a clean performance in our short program in Montreal which gave us more than enough points than we needed and made us eligible for the World Championships! Our free skate was not as good as it was in Boston, but you can’t do your best every time, and we are happy to report that we successfully added in the triple salchows.  Overall, the trip to Montreal was a resounding success and we even got to compete against some of our old training mates, Deanna Stellato, Nathan Bartholomay, and Katie McBeath!  It was so great to catch up with old friends, but we also knew we had a lot to learn from our competition.

Skating clean in the short program while still being seven points off of our goal was disappointing; even if we made up a point or two from grade of execution, seven points was a lot to make up.  So, after we returned from Montreal, we had a meeting to discuss how we could make that big of a difference.  We all came together in agreement that our current short program was not going to cut it and that we wanted to do something else that could get us more points.  With that in mind, we have returned to our 2018 Short Program to You Raise Me Up by Josh Groban.  However, we have all-new choreography; this is a completely new program done to the same music that we have used before.  You Raise Me Up is one of our favorite programs that we have ever done so we are really excited to go back to it.  Right now we are in the middle of choreographing it, which is just so great because now we can skate to a song we loved so much, with our very own choreography!  Coming up with the choreography to music we love has been an amazing experience and when combined with our free skate that we also did ourselves, we really feel that this season is about how we feel the music personally.

So, with all that great stuff behind us, what’s ahead?  Well, our next event is the Swiss National Championships in Lucerne, Switzerland, which we are actually trying to raise money for as it’s a pretty expensive trip.  If you have even $5 to spare to help us with our trip, that would be amazing! Just click the link here and you can help us make it to Switzerland! Then, after that we hope to get named to the team for both the European and World Championships.  We feel like we’re right on track to realize our goals and we can’t wait to see what the rest of the season has in store for us!  Thank you again for reading about us and continuing to support us.  We really could not do it without all of you!

– Joshica 🙂